15- 20 hours/week





Start Date

As soon as possible


Name: Victor Cabrera, Ajmain Naqib
Email: vcabrera@wisc.edu, naqib@wisc.edu

Job Description

The Dairy Management team at UW Extension is seeking a javascript application developer proficient in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, and CSS to create, maintain and renovate existing web applications used by dairy farmers. The primary duty of the applicant will be to work with Dr. Victor Cabrera to understand the functionality of the tools and port them to the web using the aforementioned technologies. To help make the porting process easier, you will receive a model implementation in Microsoft Excel that you will have to follow.

Basic Qualifications:

  1. Proficiency in HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. The candidate should be able to build and edit basic HTML pages with simple and clean user interfaces using HTML and CSS. The interfaces will sometimes require the use of JavaScript in the form of the jQuery framework.
  2. Proficiency in PHP and JavaScript.
  3. Comfortable using Linux and the command line interface. The candidate should be comfortable using the command line interface on a UNIX/Linux system, and have a basic understanding of how a Linux system is maintained. Specifically, an understanding of the Linux file-system hierarchy, and familiarity with a package manager is crucial.
  4. Comfortable with a version control system like Git.

Desirable Qualifications

Apart from the above qualifications, knowledge in one or more of the following is desirable:

  1. Familiarity with the Apache HTTP server.
  2. Basic knowledge of a scripting language like Perl or Python. Proficiency in other languages like C, C++, Perl, Python will be considered.
  3. Proficiency in other languages like C, C++.

Please note that candidates not meeting all of the above requirements will be considered if they can demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn on the job. In essence, a candidate who is motivated and self-driven will definitely be considered for the job.

Application Process

To apply, please email a cover letter to Victor Cabrera and Ajmain Naqib at vcabrera@wisc.edu, naqib@wisc.edu as soon as possible using the subject JavaScript Developer Application.